Devices not loading pre-game

I’m trying to add devices to my pre-game lobby and it’s not working.

Actually pre-game and none of the sentries spawn and I can’t go in any of my teleporters (I’m new to the forums so I can’t make 2 media files in one post)
How can I solve this?

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In pregame, sentries won’t appear and most devices (excluding camera zone and teleporter) won’t work.

The teleporter problem is probably just incorrect channels


Welcome to the forums @YoshiKarter its nice to have you here.
Maybe it’s a basic lag did you try getting off and going back on or resetting your tab?


Thanks for the welcome! But no- I retried twice

I tried in game (not pre-game) and it worked perfectly.

the teleporters did? huh, that’s weird

Is it ok if I give you the showcase to my lobby? You could test, but I understand that this is a no-game forum (I’ve watched the forums without making an account for some time)

For sentries, the common solution is that you need to have the inventory on.
Sentries are made to be attacked and also attack you.

For others, probably:

  • Reload the map
  • Restart the computer

If any of these solutions doesn’t work, then i don’t know how to fix this problem.

By inventory on, do you mean like having the ability to pick up items? I haven’t messed around with any inventory settings yet but this is for a pre-game lobby.

I believe this is supposed to be in the Bugs, nonetheless, welcome to the forums.

Thanks, I was wondering what I should put it in (Help, Devices, or Bugs) but that does make sense.
edit: I don’t have any more replies .-.
i can’t respond to any of you for 23 more hours. SADNESS ensues :frowning:

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I can move it to bugs if you like.

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Welcome to the Forums! Us Yoshi’s have to stick together.

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Maybe because I was using channels?

Devices never load pre-game. It’s because it hasn’t actually started yet. Pre-game is just for show.

Teleporters work- I’m just not able to get them to work

This is intentional, and isn’t a bug. No devices work pre-game, including zones and camera views.