Device of the Week: Counter

Hey guys! This is my 2nd post. I’m still a little new so, it’s a little different of ME making a post. But anyways, I’m making a new thing, Device of the Week! This week, I’ll talk about counters.

Counters are really cool devices. What’s good about them is it’s quite easy for a beginner (like me) to use them, but also some people who know more advanced things use it too!

This is the “Featured” section of the Counter. You can see over here it shows the starting value of the counter, whether it’s visible, and count scope. I’m not going to be bothering about channels because I’m not that good at those. We won’t be worrying about property either.

You can see there’s a “Target” section.
Screenshot 2023-11-21 3.16.31 PM

This section basically ask whether the counter has a specific value to reach so that when you connect the counter with wires to something else, once the counter has reached the value, the wire will activate.

But now you may be wondering, how to increment or decrement the counter? You also use wires. But instead of wires out, it’s wires in. In my map, I made the following setups with counters, and I’ll tell you the wiring and settings so you can do it too!

1: Answer question correctly < Increment counter

2: Count scope set to player
Screenshot 2023-11-21 3.19.50 PM

3: Copy previous counter
Screenshot 2023-11-21 3.20.29 PM

4: Answer question incorrectly < Increment counter

This should make it so 2 counters will show what questions you got correct and incorrect. That’s all I’m going to tell you, because I’ve been typing A LOT. So, to all of you out there, get creative with counters!

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Someone has the same opinion as you:

I suggest waiting until you have member status before making posts like this so you can use more pictures.

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Actually, trust level 1 is all you need to use infinite pictures.


Mm this is a cool idea

I used the counter to automate a score system for knockouts, but it increased the score by 300, so I had to make a text that said divide end score by 300.

That has something to do with recursion… Do you want to fix that?

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Nice! This little series seems pretty cool so far! I can see how far this will expand in the following weeks.


Oh, wow, they’re actually keeping up the weekly posts! Nice!


W opinion


I have a question…Is this type if stuff on topic for gimkit…Because if so i might make stuff like this since I thought forum was mostly just for helping not stuff like this.

The forums are for learning and talking about the game. It’s not just helping new people with basic mechanics.

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My favorite part of counters is it’s one of the only ways to change properties that dosent use 500 memory.

Yes, that’s off-topic. I said learning and talking about the game.
Did you actually read the message lmao

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Isn’t this already in the Ultimate guide to devices #2?

I figured i just was wondering… My friend (not the one that took my computer, i have not talked to him in a while) said she thought it would not be…I guess I was right.