Device of the Week: Checkpoint

Hey guys! The new device of the week is here! This week, I’ll talk about checkpoints. At the time I made this post, it’s actually a relatively new device!

Screenshot 2023-11-27 9.54.40 AM

This is the menu of the checkpoint. Again, we won’t be bothering about channels, because I’m not good at those. Checkpoints set your spawn when you touch them. You can try it yourself! If you touch it when it IS visible, it’ll make a nice little “pop” sound! It’s quite a simple device. Now, on the picture, you can see a “Activation Limit”. This will decide whether you can infinitely activate the checkpoint or just once. If you set it to infinite, if you go through a different checkpoint device, the first checkpoint device can be set over, over, and over again. However, if you set it to once, when you activate it, it’ll still work, but if you get a different checkpoint, the previous one cannot be set again. However, you actually don’t have to touch the checkpoint! Using wires, it’s possible for something else to activate a checkpoint!

Now, if you remember my previous Device of the Week, the one about counters, then you’ll know I showed you a system to track how many question you got correct and incorrect. We can use this system with a checkpoint!

Here’s the wiring we can do:

Target value reached < Set checkpoint

Once you make a target value, when you reach it, you’ll respawn somewhere else when you die!

Also, I recommend using the counter that detects correct questions, not incorrect.
That’s wraps it up. Get creative with checkpoints!


You know, that’s kinda off-topic. The Device of the Week thing, at least. Maybe just make a guide about the Checkpoint?

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This is cool!

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I like this very cool :grinning:

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