Device Learning

I am wanting to finally learn devices, even though I have been on the forum for over a month. I feel like I at least should know the basics so I can make some of the best maps known to Gimkit. And because I am a great map maker, I have no knowledge of devices and would like to learn how. Can any one post some links to guides that would help me accomplish my goal?


bud i dont think there may be a device guide tho i can explain some basic device wiring and coding

There isn’t? Wow that is one thing I wound have thought would be a thing, but sure.

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also hold on i got to tell @anon77025890 that he forgot to turn on editing permissions

OHHH srry

Is that for a map you guys are doing?

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Check out @awesomeT43 's Beginner Tutorials


Use these to learn about every device:


Thank you for the guides, It helps more than you think.

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