Device interactions don't even work!

Guys, it’s not just the button AND the teleporter…


Whenever i try to open a questioner from their device, they won’t let me. The purple popup saying “Answer Questions - Press Enter” doesn’t even pop up. The only way you could open it is to make a “Answer questions everywhere” type of device concept.
Farming and crafting doesn’t even work. I have a battle royale game and players can craft or farm for items and this is a huge bug for my game. Even worse, i have a refilling station for players who want to refill their gadgets so they could get shards, that doesn’t even work. So players have to battle people with only 24 ammo.
Gimkit, if this is an april fools, it’s not funny. This is a MAJOR bug in my game i can’t fix. It’s like every device interaction is a prop, you can’t interact with it. Please fix this.

This is an April Fools shenanigan. Interactions don’t work, and jump height in creative platforming is increased absurdly. This should be reverted tomorrow, but for now, Gimkit Creative is pretty much unusable.

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wait wut? increased jumpheight!?!?!?! hehehehehe to the moon I go!! >:D


Yeah literally! I checked earlier cause I have the season ticket, and it was crazy

aw :frowning: it didn’t go as high as i expected #dreamscrushed
but anyways I’ma mess around for a bit

I feel ya man, but it’s still fun to mess with.

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true lol

when you’re playing dld on april fools:
Screenshot 2024-04-01 9.17.19 AM


fulfilling Polaris’s dream

Another April Fools game glitch? That’s insane…
That is frivolous, if you ask me…
but, hey, it’s funny yet frustrating at the same time! :sweat_smile:


when you look at the homepage, there are so many posts with the “Bugs” label!

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it’s april fools. it will go back the next day

DLD jumping is for april fools, the bugs listed here aren’t. Josh confirmed:

its a bug in April fools guys

not going to lie, i would have done this to but people love to flag my helpful guides, so if this gets flagged, at least i warned you.

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This isn’t just creative, the 2D game modes don’t work either. Same with Don’t Look Down.

This was a bug that is now fixed!


Thank you!

Thanks jeff, sorry for the insane amount of bug post…

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Thank you, Jeff!

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