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I think gimkit should make a lava terrain

Ummm this is offtopic… but if you really want to maybe email hello@gimkit.com

This forum is not for suggestions. Do that on the discord or on nolt.

I do not know where to post my ideas


@esz pls mark a soltuion to close this topic

and read the guidelines please
as well as topics in forum-tips and forum-beginners

@esz semi-late welcome to the forums!

sadly, yes, the forums are not for suggesting as previously stated. you can suggest ideas at the links @THEHACKER120 and @getrithekd stated. although, if you really need to make lava, use water, orange barriers, and lasers.


Huh, it saids he/she joined Feb 13…

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i mean, i did say said ‘semi-late.’
this is also only their second post, im guessing they’re new.

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