Deleted this guide don't reply

ignore this post, scroll on and don’t say its spam because it really isn’t

Why did you just make a post about how to make a zone? This is too short and will be flagged. I suggest you delete it.

I couldn’t find one and figured it would be useful. Its not just a zone, it also has a counter.

You should probably remove this or put mini guide in it.

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To remove the post just switch the topic to devices, rename the title to something like “Deleted Guide - Don’t Reply”, and mark solution to close


And remove the info of this guide.

But why though? Its still a resource. It’ll remove clutter by being closed and being in devices, but the content itself doesn’t do anything.

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Probably they thought the guide was too short and simple

Saying Delete so many times is considered spam.

No I meant that the guide shouldn’t take up space in CMG, but it doesn’t matter if the content stays.

Ohhh sorry I see, idk you’ll probably have to ask gliddd to bring it back

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I can ig, it was basically saying take a zone and a counter, have the counter connect to the zone with 2 channels so you know how many people are in a zone.

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