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(By the way, this is my first guide so I’m sorry if it’s not very good)

Also, lots of people helped me figure out this stuff, but I don’t know who did so if you think you helped just tell me and I will credit you here.

Hi! While trying to make a game in Gimkit Creative, I had a lot of questions on how to do this. I didn’t ask the right questions, so I basically asked a question every day that could be solved with one answer most likely. I’m going to try and make that answer in this guide.

So first, go to the settings bar in the bottom left corner.
Next, chose map options and click on teams.
The first option is to “set the team mode”. Choose free for all. This will make your game start as a… you guessed it! Free for all.

I’m going to use teleporters to switch the teams.

im going to set the first teleporter at the end of my free for all part of the map. Make it so the first teleporter’s target is wherever you are going next. You can name it whatever you want.

Then go to wherever you want to put the second teleporter. Place it down and make its group whatever you named the target group in the previous teleporter. Also, make the second teleporter transmit something when someone is teleported there. this will be important for later.

Wire it to a trigger. Make it so the wire connection is when teleported here ----> trigger.

Make sure the trigger cannot be triggered by collision.

Next, Get two properties and two counters. I suggest naming the properties team 1 and team 2 or whatever your two teams are going to be named. Like tag domination and capture the flag teams, I’m going to use echo and vortex.
Echo is team 1, Vortex is Team 2. Make both properties numerical.

Then take both counters and click on the property tab. Set them to update a property, one updating one for team 1 (echo) and one for team 2 (vortex)

this picture is of the echo one. (also, sorry for the bad circles, I’m trying to draw with a mouse)

Also, make your echo (team 1) counter increment 1 when receive broadcast “team1” exactly like that. It will make sense later. Make your vortex (team 2) counter increment 1 when receive broadcast “team2”

Now comes the harder part. The blocks. Click on your trigger and picks “blocks” in the top right corner.
Your block code. It should look like this:

After that, you need 2 team switchers. Make one put you on team 1 when it receives team1. Make the other put you on team 2 when receiving team2.

Finally, switching teams will make you respawn wherever you have spawn pads. for me it is the beginning of the free for all part. Now I will show you how I get back to the team part of the map.

First, I put down a button right next to the spawn pads. I connect this with wires to two wire repeaters. when button pressed —> repeat the wire pulse! is the wire code for both of them. (it’s the only option)
Make one wire repeater pulse be blocked if you are not on team 1, and the other if you are not on team 2.

connect the team 1 wire repeater to a teleporter that is wherever you want team 1 to start, and the team 2 wire repeater to a teleporter that is wherever you want team 2 to start.

Now it’s time to block the button so people who aren’t done with the free for all can’t skip all the game :grin:

get a barrier device and put it over the button. Make it so the barrier will deactivate when it receives the transmission that you sent out with the teleporter earlier. make sure it is only deactivation for one player, so people who aren’t done with the free for all part can’t skip around.

I also suggest putting text that is invisible when game starts but shows up for player when receiving the same transmission that the barrier did. this way the people know what the button is for.

That’s it!!! Thank you so much for reading! I hope this guide helps!!

LlamaLady -----------> out

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Nice guide! I like how you used a perfect balance of words and pictures!


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There’s an in-depth guide on polls published recently.

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You might want to change the title to:

How to switch from Free-For-All to Teams

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Also, the block code should all be snapped together for it to work properly.

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