(Deleted Guide)

Post deleted by author

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This isn’t a wiki. Only TL3’s can make wiki’s. You aren’t TL3.

Also, this has already been made before.

I cant delete it, i missclicked and it posted

Move to devices and title deleted guide

Please don’t do that.

This already exists, and we don’t need to encourage it.

It wont let me delete the post, allright

Just change the text to (topic deleted by author) , change it to devices or help, and mark a solution.

Gimsolver, don’t reply to posts like this. By asking for a solution to be marked, you just brought a forgotten topic back to the top of the list! That’s not helpful.

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Please mark a solution.

They can’t mark a solution due to it being a guide, which I just fixed to be a Devices catagory.


I know, I just didn’t want to write that much.