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Nice guide!

Nice Guide!
Also, the color-difficulty for 5/10 is :orange_square:.
How much memory does it take up?

I’d estimate that it takes 1-2% Memory but let me confirm that real quick

Nice guide! I suggest you substitute in channels instead of wires to eliminate confusion from wire repeaters.

I think a repeater to a negative item granter would drain the armor, but thats just my thought.
Great guide anyways!

It takes 1,585 memory excluding wires

why is this post deleted, im quite interested what it is… ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

You can check the edit history.

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true dat

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Why was this deleted?


yeah, that’s what I was wondering…


Well, since this is deleted, then please mark a solution to close this.


Why did you delete it, it was a good guide


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