(deleted guide, nothing)

Don’t post until it’s done then.

ik i have it prepped

You should have saved it as a draft, because people who are TL2 and above can edit posts until a month.

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Don’t post until the guide is finished.

Only TL3s look, NO PEEKING

Are we entering the WIP age? So many new users are creating WIP guides and then are getting screwed over by an editing limit, and this is horrible clutter.


I think we are. So many WIPs are growing… I think i started it, or someone else did. I regret inventing it if i did.


I did. It was the quest guide and the donations guide.

We should probably create a debate post over WIPs now, but this guide looks interesting. Are you incorporating it into any games you’re making, or is this guide about an entire game?


yes 100% and even though i am not TL3 there has been a lot of WIP’s lately.

The only thing: If you made a WIP, you have to work on it. No offense, but it’s basically your fault if you never/barely worked on the WIP and the edit limits come into your post. If you make another WIP about the same guide, be RESPONSIBLE. Don’t screw up again, or else you’re creating such, horrible clutter. And that isn’t okay.

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I’ve already pm’ed Jeffo about something else, I guess I’ll tell him about this while I’m at it

and yes i peeked at every TL3 post.

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yeah its a bit crazy i made a wip and finished it 2 days later.

I looked. The main reason I have wip’s is because I need a help post while making it, so I publish the current guide as a wip, and I make the help post.


i am so mad rnnnnn



yeah, ppl REALLY needa start writing their stuff on google docs or another note taking website/app and just copy and paste

i did and it deleted for some reason
it was on pastebin

I’m sorry if some people here made you feel upset. I understand that you have good intentions on making a guide. So does everyone else, though what they said may feel discouraging for you even if it was unintentional. This goes for everyone who commented here. It’s important to discuss these things but please don’t discourage users.

its alright, im just saying for future reference, preferably use smth that autosaves

@JupiterYT28, mark a solution to close this topic!

We’re sorry if we made you feel sad or upset. We tried saying that you should have made it a draft or copy and paste this in google docs if you have to go and do something else.