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Here, I will teach you how to make a never-ending popup, in a fun way!
You probably know that you can make a popup not be able to close, but that isn’t fun.
First, get a Popup. Next, wire it to a wire repeater (Popup Closed -->)
Next, wire it back to open popup, so now, when they close it, it opens back up.
Bonus: If you want it to seem like they have hope, you can wire the wire repeater to a trigger or repeater to make a delay before it happens again.
You could make it on the push of a button, or you could make it when there is a prize, and someone tries to get it, this happens to them!

This has already been done. It’s in the traps guide.
You used the troll tag, which is unused.
This does not need to exist.

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You can either make this post a bigger guide with images and explaining why this is needed, or delete it and mark a solution to it. Make sure you credit those before you who made it.

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We’re trying to move towards just not having duplicate guides, even with credit. It’s confusing and unneeded.

I get that, Which is why I said they can delete it. And somtimes duplicate gudies are better than the original, you just don’t want spam.

If it’s better, it’s not duplicate.


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