Deleted button, wire did not get deleted

I have no idea whats going on, but heres a bug


Probably another issue that came with the Gim Sprites glitch, try refreshing or deleting and adding back the button.


probably a bug along with the gim bug.I think that fixing jeffo tripping on the server wire released some bugs.

got it ty guys, gonna try it now

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More bugs, Gimkit must be testing somethings, not sure what though.

@Corrstud the resolved tag is now unused as we have solutions now and you can see a check mark next to a post if it is solved.

hopefully getting ready for DLD in creative!

Maybe, but the lore will come back out after new years, and many, like many legendary gims were found, and the white dodge(the second fox five) left the files meaning it will launch soon.

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wait, does the button still work?

because if yes, then its definetly the gim glitch going on rn

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