Delayed Re spawn Time

So I’m making a Cooperative Temple Dungeon Crawler and I want to make it where if a player is knocked out they don’t re spawn instantly and they are switched to spectators for 15 seconds. Is This Possible

Also This doesn’t work
Screenshot 2024-04-04 8.07.15 AM
Lifecycle to First Team Switcher
Player Knocked Out>Switch to Configured Team (Spectators)
Lifecycle to Trigger
Player Knocked Out>Trigger (Delay 15 seconds)
Trigger to Second Team Switcher
Triggered>Switch to Configured Team (Team 1)

Switching from player to spectator is possible but coming back from the dead (spectators team) is not possible


instead teleport them to a shut off area for a few seconds

That’s a good Idea but I wanted them to be spectators

becoming a spectator unrenders the map which makes it impossible to go back from it

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