Decoration ideas for my lobby

The theme is a fortnite game, but anything works.

Maybe a few plants to make the place more lively

you could add some boxes, a tv, yes some plants, maybe a table with food

maybe some gun display areas with the guns in them you could make them with barriers or use the :bow_and_arrow: :gun: emojis

can someone try to make a pixel art gim for me? (maybe around 20 by 20?)

COVER THAT CODE! Just so you know, can not post codes!

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cover up the code.

oh sorry

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I fixed it now

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any more ideas?

What do you mean by a pixel art gim?

Hmmm…maybe add some emojis in text boxes, you would be surprised how much it add to details…
add some barriers for walls to add a 2.5d look. Put some tables with sentries that look like arms dealers, and some stuff that matches the map (as I don’t know what all is in the map can not help you with that)

I mean like a gim that is made of color emojis.