Decoration ideas for a huge CTF (Capture the Flag) map

Any ideas will be very appreciated

Try making the terrain for both sides like the regular capture the flag. Also, maybe add some paper files and some vending machines with speed boost updates with something required for you to purchase! If you want to put icons on a vending machine, be sure to put it to Transmit on Channel and go to the top and you’ll see Transmit on Channel and then go to Item Image and place down anything. If you need help supplying an image, here is a link to something that will help you place it!

Good luck with your game!

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Explosions Like Bomb And TNT

SECRET ROOMS (Every game needs these)

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Secrect things that only a certain amout of someting can get

I wasn’t thinking of making purchasable upgrades, but thanks for the link

I already have a library, so maybe I could add one there. Thanks!

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A secret room that fill with bombs by finding a fake game painting called “Kaboom”