Deciding On A Game

I Have 2 Different Game Ideas, Both Of Which Are Difficult.

  • Hunger Games/Fortnite/Minecraft Mash-Up
  • Statues In The Park
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Hunger Games/Fortnite/Minecraft Mash-Up: Hunger Games With Randomly Placed Crates And Crafting.
Statues In The Park: With The New Sentry Skin Update, Make Sentries Randomly Appear And Disappear While The Hunter Is Trying To Find Them And Kill Them. They Will Have To Complete Tasks To Win. Cons: Will Have To Use Blank Name And Can Only Use Skin That The Sentries Do.
What Should I Try And Make Or What Other Games Should I Make?

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I really think you should do statues…it would be super-fun, and there’s not a ton of games like that

The mash up would be a great idea so its not copyrighted, and it unique. I think it would look good too.

I think you should do statues bcause it is more original, GKC already has a bunch of hunger games/fortinitne/minecraft games.