Decent news and need help (why do I always need help)

Any ways for decent news someone put my guide as a response to “how to make a jail cell” gives me more confidence but I need help but having a button like a game overlay kind of button that can only been seen and pressed by the host? Anyone know?

Make the overlay not be visible on game start and have a game start lifecycle show it. Also make the visible scope be player.

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if @getrithekd help make sure to mark a solution :slight_smile:

Please don’t ping me if you don’t really need me to contribute. Also, don’t pester people to mark solutions. They aren’t that vital, and it’s only been 37 minutes.

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use a lifecycle → game overlay (show)

works cuz lifecycle sends signal to only the host

just saying so they don’t forget but if I’m pestering sorry :slight_smile:

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