Deathrun map ideas

I need help making themes of deathrun maps, could you help?

Try some ideas from this guide on themes:

  1. Area with stacked sentries
    2.Area that has respawning unless its deactivated with a button
    3.Area that slows you down
    4.Laser Maze
  1. Fill a whole space with lazers and sentries.
  2. Make it to where you are slow and maze with walls that kill you with you touching them.
  3. Make there like an room chalk full of Lazers.

That is a couple of ideas

Don’t forget to mark a solution when you want to close a topic. And maybe poisonous fog/team switching zones to spectators comes closer every 10 seconds.

  1. Muffin :ghost: the controller or whoever presses a button and then a muffin “falls” whoever is in range of the muffin “poofs”
  1. Fluffy Cloud Kingdom

  2. Feathered Oasis

  3. Azure Ocean

  4. Enigmatic Abyss

  5. Fizzy Wonderland
    I am attempting to find the names of maps and I am not sure where you will input them or just ideas for themes.

Deathrun maps can be a lot of fun to create, and there are many different themes you can use to make your maps unique and exciting. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Haunted House: Create a spooky deathrun map with creepy corridors, creaky floors, and jump scares around every corner.

  2. Wild West: Build a deathrun map that takes players through an old western town, complete with saloons, sheriffs’ offices, and plenty of shootouts.

  3. Space Adventure: Take your deathrun map to the stars with a futuristic space adventure theme, complete with laser traps, zero gravity sections, and alien enemies.

  4. Jungle Safari: Create a deathrun map that takes players on a wild safari adventure through the jungle, avoiding deadly traps and battling dangerous animals along the way.

  5. Underwater Adventure: Take your deathrun map under the sea with an underwater adventure theme, complete with underwater tunnels, sunken ships, and deadly sea creatures.

  6. Medieval Castle: Create a deathrun map set in an ancient medieval castle, filled with knights, dragons, and plenty of traps to keep players on their toes.

  7. Post-Apocalyptic: Build a deathrun map set in a dystopian future, where players must navigate through a ruined city full of hazards and traps.

I hope these ideas help you get started on creating some awesome deathrun maps!

This is cool! Lots of ideas. You could even make a volcano map, where you have to go through hot, torturous landscapes, going through magma and lava, with skeletons chasing you


@Txme_Lxss A map with something for the player to run for would be quite thrilling!

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could even make them be chased by a hand, (COUGH COUGH BASED OFF OF A ROBLOX GAME) and if they are too slow, a zone could respawn them.


@Txme_Lxss Having a lack of motivation in a boring running parkour game with no one pushing them to continue can cause players to lose interest. Adding a threat could make the game more enjoyable for players, as it gives them a clear objective to strive towards.

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Maybe do something that you have to knock out a sentry to advance, but there is one less sentry than players, so one player cannot advance?

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