Death Run Voting Help

I need help making my Death Run Map, Where People Can Vote On What Map They Want. The only thing I need help with is when the votes tie. I want it to pick between the 2 that tie for first and pick a random one. (Right Now I Only Have 2 Maps) Here is the code so far:

“players” is a player counter hooked up to a property.
GrasslandVotes = amount of people that voted for Grassland,
and DungeonVotes = amount of people that voted for Dungeon
Right now, Grasslandwon and Dungeonwon don’t do anything
This is in a trigger, triggering every second

Add an else block to your if then block. In it set a variable called Random to a random integer from 1 to 2. Add another if then block. It should check to see if the variable Random = 1. If it is true broadcast on Grasslandwon. The if block should have an else block too. In that else block it should broadcast on Dungeonwon.

Someone really needs to make a guide on how to make map voting

There is one.


I didn’t see that, wow

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