Death box Guide

In this guide you will learn how to make it so that you can fight other people and kill them and re-spawn however much you want but when you go in a fighting box you are sent to a death box not to fight any other players.

Part 1(The setup)

First what you want to do is make two boxes and place a spawn pad and a item spawn er for weapons

Part 2(The Fighting box)

Now what you want to do is choose one of your boxesit doesn’t matter and place a teleporter, relay, and a button

Hook it up so that when the button is pressed trigger relay, when relay triggered teleport player here. Now you should have a fighting area :smiley:

Part 3(The Death box *VERY LONG PART*)

This part is one of the hardest so I have lots of screen shots first what you want to do is place a lifecycle, zone, and teleporter

Then you click on the life cycle and make sure its set to player knocked out
Screenshot 2023-10-20 3.33.44 PM
Now click on the zone and edit the options below EXACT for this zone ONLY

now copy and paste that zone again

Now change the settings of that zone so it should look like this

OK so now the part that matters wire the relay to the first zone like shown below its supposed to show deactivate zone XD XD XD

Now (forgot to say this earlier) hook up the life cycle to the teleport-er and have it so that when player KO teleport here, Now it should look like this

Now attach the relay to the second zone and hook up the wires so that it activates the zone when relay triggered

Now the final part hook up the first zone to a respawner and have it so that when player enters zone re spawn(note you might need to place a node and have it delay 1 second)

Now center it AND YOUR DONE

I hope this guide was useful
Screenshot 2023-10-20 4.51.20 PM


If I messed up somewhere in this guide pls tell me

Nice guide!

i think you have to get rid of the code

Good guide!

The screenshots show Gimkit game codes and personal information. Please edit them out.

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