Deactivating a trigger

I have a setup where every three seconds a thing will happen, and the thing only happens if you are in a area. This is my setup:
Trigger A:

Trigger B:

Trigger C:

B to A:

C to A:

A to counter:

Screenshot 2024-03-12 7.14.50 PM

I want the trigger to stop working on “Choices”, and make it start working on “turn over” The trigger has block code, that’s what it’s triggering.
My probelm is that the counter goes to 3, teleports me to the choices area, resets, (I want it to reset) then continues going up, and teleporting me back, which is annoying.

I need this now, as this is the final part of my game

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Do you have wires? You could use wires to do it easier, but the downside is that wires cost more memory than channels.

There is wires, the topic shows wires:

I’m not using channels as I see no reason to.

Have you already put wires in the counter?

You can’t put wires in a device, you can use them to connect devices, though.
Screenshot 2024-03-12 7.52.29 PM

I don’t quite understand maybe connect the counter to one of the triggers when it reaches its target to stop the triggers?

I’m going to test that.

Edit: doesn’t work

I’m going to test an idea I got

Question: If you deactivate a trigger, does the pulse stay?

Probably not.

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I need to leave

I just used a repeater instead and it worked.

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