Deactivated Barriers still block projectiles

I can walk through them just fine, but when I try to shoot a snowball, it gets blocked.

I have also set the barriers to team scope, which might be causing the issue. (As they are activated for the other team)

Any update on this? This is stopping me from making my mode

I don’t like this bug either, but you can use it to do things like: How to make a battle royale temporary safe zone (Difficulty: 🟩)

Yes, but why would it do that? Especially just disabling one feature? It should only apply to 1 team, not partially between teams. Safe zones can still be made using other methods, but things like preventing a team from attacking their own “core” prop cannot.

Well if it is not a bug, how do I fix it?

This actually works both ways. If you set it to default to enabled, then no projectiles will ever be able to enter. If you set it default disabled then they will always be able to pass through. Please fix this, the barrier toggle should affect projectiles along with walking.

How do I get attention to this bug? I have not even gotten a mod/admin/team member response.

It will take a while since they have many bugs to deal with. Just sit and wait, as they will probably get to this eventually.


How long? It has been a week+

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Creative likely has a lot of bugs right now, and bugs can take weeks or more to fix.I would be very surprised if they were able to fix it in a week .

I never said fix. On other forums for other companies that I am on, you usually get a response that they will eventually fix it within the week. So I am just asking for staff reassurance that it is being worked on.

Well, there’s not much you can do now, since you already messaged the devs. The best thing to do is wait for now.