Dark Moon Ghosts

I need Luigi’s mansion: dark moon ghosts made in gimkit
. Picture of greenie. Pixel art please!

IMG_2787strong text

:green_square: :green_square: :green_square:
:black_large_square: :green_square: :black_large_square:
:green_square: :green_square: :green_square: is this right

In gimkit, plz.

Gimkit is down right now

gimkit is down for me.

Also when going for extra characters limits, you put lowercase letters in <> no space

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@THEHACKER120 u want to chat with me

The forums aren’t for chatting but if you want go to my bio for my padlet link and request access for it.

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No you will get flagged no chatting only awnsers or questions

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ok I will :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling:

Ok. It down for now. I will wait.

Gimkit Pixel Art? Okay, I’ll try once Gimkit’s back up.
Actually, no. I don’t have any time right now. Sorry. But you should be able to do it just with emojis and text.

Thanks! I need the help.

oof I’ll try to make one

Don’t worry dark hydra i’ll work on it

I have a question hydra. do I have to make it pixel art?

Pixel art in gimkit.

i’ll make a pixel art of de ghost

oh luigis mansion dark moon, one of my most favorite games, do you need every single ghost or just the basic ones

(7 ghost and lots of variations of those ghost, not including the boss ghost, and boos)