Damage boost with new ball device

So in the documentation it says
" * The ball is more responsive to gadgets that deal more damage. A single hit from a Quantum Portal will move the ball more than a single hit from a Zapper."
So if we used a damage boost would the ball travel further?
I tested it and it seems to work just I need a second opinion

let me test that really quick

YES, it does. I just tested it with a common zapper, made a button that gives me x2 damage. With the damage boost, I could see a big difference of distance. Pretty much twice the distance.

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Ok just needed a second opinion
And This is useful!

This could help with GKC Baseball thanks @Flames

Sadly, there is a speed limit for the ball, so you can’t really launch the ball very fast with x10 damage and a legendary quantum portal.

wait theres a ball now?

Yes the new update

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I just trapped it in a box and now it will never stop moving!

What a beauty its the GimKitSuggestors Cradle


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