Damage Boost and speed upgrade (Solved)

I need help with my damage boast cause I am making a one way out map and after one reload the damage boast goes away and for speed upgrade after I die it resets.

How do you have the damage boost and speed upgrade set up?

This is what it should look like:
Screenshot 2024-03-07 7.38.24 AM
(This is me assuming you want the damage boost to start at the start of the game, if you don’t what that then place a zone or trigger wherever you want the damage boost to start, then delete the lifecycle and wire the zone/trigger to the damage boost, zone: player steps in - activate damage boost, trigger: triggered - activate damage boost )


Default settings

Damage boost

Make the time and damage boost whatever you want.

Speed modifier #1

Make the speed whatever

Speed modifier #2

(Set the player back to normal speed)


Ko manager

knockout target set to player, Active scope player


Starting value however many seconds your damage boost is set to. Decrement counter when receiving on: Trigger again, count scope: 0, not visible in game.

Okay last step wires:
Lifecycle to Damage boost: Event occurs - activate damage boost
counter to damage boost:Target value reached deactivate damage boost
Knockout manager to damage boost: Target knocked out - activate damage boost
Lifecycle to Trigger: Event occurs - Trigger
Knockout manager to counter: Target knocked out - Reset counter
Counter to speed modifier#1: Target value reached - set player to configured speed
Knockout manager to speed modifier #2: Target knocked out - set player to configured speed.
(This could be a guide, LOL)


Sorry for late reply but I have my speed modifer connected to my vending machine with channels and I solved the damage boast thx.

Mark a solution? Make sure people don’t chat?