Custom Images and Props

someone tell me and do not lie gimkit

You can’t make custom items or images, the creators can because they made it but we can’t make custom images and items.

Welcome to the forums @Jnicke!

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This is not a community made guide.

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I use barriers, emojis and already existing props. NO LIE! And welcome to the forums @Jnicke

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Thats not fair of them cause they can make gimkits better while we have to use the iteams given

Well, they made the game. Also, they can’t trust us as many people already don’t follow the custom thumbnail rule. People might put something inappropriate if it was allowed.

Is there a particular item you are wanting to make? Also when you make a very successful game, you can talk about what’s fair.

thank you and what do you mean emojis and barriers

You can use barriers and other props to recreate props that you would like.

oh a new gim is there a way i can make a new gim

You can use emojis and barriers to recreate what you want.

You can suggest it here.

how do you do that can you tell me

Well, it depends what you want.

ok thank you so much

What do you want to make?

A phone i thingk yeah

You could use a black barrier and have a smaller blue barrier in front of it for the screen.