Custom gims for the game

is it possible to make custom gims for gimkit

No, at least not yet but if you have any ideas that you would like to be made in to a cosmetic just email Gimkit. Just email and they should get back to you in about a day.

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Sadly No, though maybe you could make a comment on the limit feedback site is there offical email and you know the cosmetic “DOGE”, he was an email gim idea and he became one of the 4 legendary gims and is very desirable. So you might have a better chance by emailing them.


cool, i did not know that

What can I say, you learn something new every day.

also how do you make a working boss mob that moves

You can not move an AI, that have not been possable, I am sorry.

get nolted

@liamdrueke you could try using this guide:

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Look up “Teleporting Sentries” and there should be a guide on it!

It’s better to make a seperate topic for that so more people see it btw.

Yes, there is a Dodge skin, and I have it. It’s like a fox. Now please do not reply here anymore, as it has already been resolved.

Oh, Dodge sorry

you may go to the wix or fandom for more information, but this is an not forum or GKC question, be careful f what you post, the mods have been a bit strict lately.

it is possible. but it requires inspect, stuff. look up a tutorial on youtube