Custom amount of a given item

Im making a farming game and I think its too time consuming to obtain an item from a vending machine and I want a way for a popup to show up, you type in the amount given, and it gives the amount you types in to you

wait actually I think I know how to do this but I don’t know how to have you be able to type a value into a popup or something else and it changes the value of a property

Have a trigger that, if you step on, it increments a counter, and another trigger that decrements the counter. Make sure the counter updates a property. Have an item granter grant that amount in its blocks(The property). Have a button that is wired to the Item Granter that says “Done Amount”.

Does this help, @mub?

yes thank you! I was trying to do this all day

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Also, instead of Triggers, you could use Buttons as well

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Also thank you so much, I used your fishing guide and after I reloaded I saw what I added was just an extra step, you’ve helped my game so much and I really appreciate it.

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