Cursor getting stuck

Sometimes, the cursor gets stuck. The computer will think that my mouse is hovering over an object (devices or props) and it will keep on showing to move it click m and when I move it, it doesn’t come where my cursor is, it just stays very far away.


Try reloading your page.

I think this is just your computer issue. I never seen this before.

Easily the most annoying bug…

I’ve just experienced it 5 times within 20 minutes

You’ll have to reload another gimkit creative game…



Yep, this happens to me every single time I work on my map.

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yaa but it not only gimkite sometimes I’m playing and exit with ctrl w when it happens but I cant click anything even though I have a tochscreen

what I have learned is when I make big maps that take up 75% or more that’s when it happens so I guess don’t use to much memory or don’t spam things like start and end game.

Also annoying: Camera. Bugs. I was testing my game for a bugfix. I joined in with my alt too late, and I became spectator. Stopped and restarted the game, it’s now not spectator but the camera thinks it is.

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That happened to me as well today. Is your computer touchscreen-supportive? I think that’s what made the problem for me.

Here, I found something that should help: