Cure/killing system help

hello my fellow eggos,
so here’s what I got I have a tag zone (team 1, the human team) can “tag” the zombie team. It will cure the zombie, by showing a overlay when you get near the zombie team, but when the humans is not near the zombies, if they have been near a zombie, the overlay will still be there, another problem is that how do I make it so it will cure one zombie and not the entire swarm?

check your relays
also add a delay and then deactivate the overlay

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wait, wuh?

uh that’s not hidden

yea, I know, I fixed it

wire the tag zone to a wire repeater with a delay and then wire it to the overlay
player tags another player > repeat wire pulse > deactivate overlay
and wire the tag zone to the team switcher
player gets tagged > switch player to configured team

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yes, but the tag zone when a player tag someone, a overlay will appear and once the overlay has been pushed, it will check to see if its near someone and there is, it will cure/kill them.

the system is to fix the problems you have

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This is a little confusing for me right now, but I might think of some short things I can help.

Not really professional in Gimkit Creative, sorry…

I’ll try what I can to help, but I think @Foxy has the hang of it? Tell me if you guys need help :slight_smile:

well imma be afk for a while, I will check back, maybe the next day?

Okay, by then someone might have the solution for it :slight_smile: