Creepypasta-esque story? (please don't reply)

I was playing Don’t Look Down when I was around Summit 5 that I got the anouncement saying “ reached summit 2!” It eventually caught up to me, and it was the yellow 8-bit gim and started chasing me. Whenever it got in front of me, It would wait for me to pass it. Has this ever happened to you? If it has plz help


Hmm… This is very strange.
This has happened to me too, when a stranger jo!ned the game randomly. The player was probably either using hacks to jo!n your game or is a bug. If you are still in the game, LEAVE IT! Contact for more information if this happens again.

They were probably just trolling you.


I have never heard of this, maybe it is a new feature

No. Gimkit values your safety and security very much. There is no way they would let strangers jo!n your game.


It’s just a player trolling you. Nothing to worry about.


how do they jo?n you then without a code, this is interesting

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They didn’t specify it was without a code.
Changing this to help, don’t think this is a bug.


If you didn’t share the code, there’s a possibility that they have guessed the code.


Actually, this probably is. It seems they are using hacks to jo!n.
Or they guessed the c0de.
Explained hacks from what I’ve seen on github:
They exploit the Gimkit client to give them codes stored on the server.

@BlueAxolotl8166 , please contact the Gimkit mods. We can’t really help you. If this happens again, leave the game immediately because they might try to steal your data.

that sounds scary ngl… :scream:


imagine if they have some clown gim and they just pop up


Okay, let’s not get too off-topic here. This is not a chatroom.
Please only reply if you have something to say about the topic.


This is either a player trolling you, or OP trying to start some scary urban legend story. Nothing to worry about here. Unless the name of the player was “”, there is no reason for that name to appear, and the fact that the word “glitched” is in there makes me believe this isn’t anything real, or unusual.

(In the sense that this is like some weird glitch in the game)


This doesn’t happen. Josh isn’t stupid, he’s not going to let clients get to the list of active game codes, and any client that abuses security flaws to get to such a list is illegal.


Very true point, but every program has flaws. Plus, the repos I explored were taken down a while back, so it was likely patched.
Thanks for your correction! It helps me improve my knowledge of off-client development.
Also, people will stop at nothing to do stuff. If people followed the law, the world would be awesome. Tbh, the internet is full of !llegal users.

Yeah, the word “Glitched” in code does not sound actually glitched. Were you playing in a school classroom?

Funny thing: Malicious hackers don’t care if it’s illegal. I mean, they vacuum out money from innocent people’s bank accounts, like, that doesn’t sound legal to me.]

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Idk if you did not give them the code then they prob have just guessed it or might be hacking also i need screenshot evidence

The point here is that there’s nobody with that skill wasting their time hacking gimkit, and if they are, they certainly wouldn’t reveal themselves, especially in such a stupid way.


This is most likely just you trying to start a scary urban story. doesn’t sound very believable. however- this would be cool as one of the “first” gimkit creepypastas. I’m not encouraging this, but I’m also encouraging this. :person_shrugging:

yeah I accidently guessed the code to a random server while trying to jo!n my friends :skull:

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