Credits Screen[animated]

How do you make a screen pop up at the end of the game like a movie?

You could use text that become visible and not visible with a repeater but that might cause a lot of lag and use a lot memory.

you should probably put this in the help section…

but more or less probably with block code and end game widgets idk how to make it auto matically scroll down like a movie tho so i just assumed block code or idk im gonna go experiment with end game widgets real quick

but then again you could do animation with text at the end of the game (i know its not technically end of the game but you could just do that when its time to end the game)

Maybe you could do it by teleporting the player upwards using a repeater. That would be less laggy than my earlier idea.

You could try a popup/banner with a repeater or relay? And a button to start it

How would you animate it though? That’s the problem from the look of it.

Disappearing and reactivating text

I kinda said this earlier…

Yes, i was responding to your question… that’s basically the only way to animate…

Yeah, that’s about it. Any further questions?

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