Creative Visual Glitch

I’m trying to make something but something weird keeps happening.

The vending machines and my character keep popping in and out of existence multiple times a second. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Only happens when I’m close to them too.

Must be a weird glitch. Reload and j@in again.

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Sorry, but this looks like a knock-off of farm chain. But yeah, do what the other guy said.

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I’m trying to do something different with it. I’m just trying to get everything else in before I change anything.

oh okay.

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Already tried that

Maybe delete the vending machine then put them back.
Or the servers may be down.

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This happens like if you have a split screen with gimkit and another tab and if you zoom in on gimkit, that happens.

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Servers are fine, this has happened to me before, but I’ll try to delete them.

I’m not in split screen

Alright, I tried deleting them and replacing them and they still glitch out.

Have you tried logging out of your Gimkit account and logging back in?

At this point I’m free to trying anything. I’ll give it a go

Nothing to see here….

Hey man, even if you’re joking, try to be nice

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Ok, I logged out and it’s still glitching

And now every other device is glitching too :skull:

Maybe it is a permanent bug. Maybe email about this glitch. It might be a combination of devices, or something.

Would it be better if I do a bug report in their discord?

I’m not sure, I don’t do the discord.
Also please mark a solution if you do let them know.