Creative Player plat former Freezes when tab is switched

When you switch tabs, your creative player will freeze, even if gravity is off.

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Platforming is new, so there’ll be a lot of bugs. Just wait for them to fix it.


If you have a lot of open tabs on your computer, it may be another reason why.

Does the entire tab freeze? Or just your character?


It does this in DLD too, it’s just because the game remembers your last position from when you switched tabs. Basically, the character never updates since it only updates on other peoples’ screens when it updates on yours. You fall right back down when you go back on the tab. It’s like pausing an online game.

Oh I see, but yeah it picks back up when you return.


just you. other players can see you floating

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yeah but it goes away when you click back on the tab, its just lag.

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Its is caused by background refresh, which means that it will stop processing a tab if there is inactivity
Chrome has an energy saver feature that turns on around 20% power left, and it could be that, although that basically just reloads the tab and will kick you out
Also, there is a way to stop inactivity refresh by going Performance > Memory and setting gimkit to always be active
This reminds me of a similar glitch in Minecraft where by pressing the top of the tab you can start floating

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oh ya im aware of that my favorite is to get a gim with a falling trail and freeze them mid air by switching tabs and joining the game with a new charchter or just waiting. and either it will just make you float with your trail falling or it won’t. and if it dosent then you just wait awhile, after awhile open the tab and either crash your computer or get 0 frames per second for all people on the game and your entire computer. it can be a problem if people try and exploite it but if you notice someone trying you can kick them and nothing will happen they will get kicked normally.if you need me to provide pictures because i may have just found an actual problem i can

reason being is that the trail piles in a circle around you and cause a circle of whatever object it is

I really wanna ask you something but I do not want to get flagged by you or someone else lol!

well yes it does pick back up where it left off so if your running or jumping and click off the tab they will freeze in there animation and there spot, this is like pausing an online game just for you, can look weird but hovering over the tab to preview it will start the game back up again

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