Creative Platforming Is Here!

Heyo, im back! but anyways, I came back to Gimkit and this is amazing i have been playing don’t look down most of the time! Lol.

its not really… its honest


ah cool have you voted for gimkit maddnes or looked at the gimkit awards (can be found in all catgories)

Oh no, I have not been on here for a couple weeks so I might need help navigating again.

But I will try to find it!

its on the left under comunnity guides click that and you can find them, you can get money for the gimkit awards (gimbucks) and mode maddness will hold the trophy for best gamemode

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Oh okay! tyy!

welcome, @booper11111 . welcome to the dumpster fire that was once the GKC forums. have a nice time trying not to burn up in the daily blazes that consist of people’s egos and rudeness.
again, hope you have an amazing experience here


I’m back! I’ve been looking through the forums for a while, but haven’t been able to login to my account, anyways, this will be fun, maybe a DLD version of my Gimkit doors (out now!) Anyways, this will be fun when release for all!


I hope your not advesting it not allowed bro just saying.

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When is Gimkit Platforming going to be available to the general public?

It will be coming on June 26 to the public most likely


There has been no confirmation from that it will come in June 26th. All we know is that it will come later this year.