Creative maps help

my creator map is not publishing even though I did every thing

Do you have 1,000 gimbucks or the season ticket?

Maybe you could try reloading the page?
I’m not sure but it’s probably just a small bug.

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often it says it didn’t when it did make sure to check

thank you I will try that

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@Qibliette !

i think I know what it is…1. a few others are having same problem. 2. gimkit creative is in beta early release. 3. There is a gimkit ai that checks for certain words and stuff and if your game violates it, it will be published, but not show up in discovery.

Welcome to the forums @Qibliette! and @redbaron
and if you get a solution please mark it…If not you probably will have to email gimkit as this is not something we can get around by using a assortment of repeaters and triggers.

Yeah, Navy would love to see that, she loves Qibli and always thought he was underrated, but she left…
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Yes o7. But don’t ping her. Quibli is the best.

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who is o7?

Haha XD. He’s awesome isn’t he <3. Thanks!

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o7 means to salute a replacement for the :saluting_face: emoji


ohh that makes sense now i feel dumb :melting_face:

Wait what I read everything and still didn’t understand what happened

Guys this is off topic…again back to - @redbaron please read this…

This happens to me my map was published but you can’t find it in discovery And I have contacted gimkit about this and they the discovery things will be updated in summer most likely.