Creative help please

Can I make it how people can spawn with weapons?

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Place a starting inventory device and set the item to whatever you like. If this works, mark it as a solution. Welcome to the forum!


Do you want to help me build?

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Will it give everyone the item


So you can’t give one person it

Just placing one device will give everyone the item at the start of the game.

See I’m trying to make a game where people have to find the killer but then everyone will get the weapon.

If you just want one player to find the weapon, connect a lifecycle to a relay set to all players on a specific team. Set Team to whatever team the killer is on, then connect the relay to an item granter.

Thanks that was very helpful

I put it on random some it will go to a random person right

Just use this guide, but also connect the relay to the item granter.

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