Creative Discovery

I know Josh recently fixed it (which don’t get me wrong, its much better) but i think its still bugged out a bit. When searching my map letter for letter, it doesn’t show up. I don’t know if this is intentional (like only the top searches related to yours show up) but its still disappointing that my map will probably never be found.

I think that you have to search your map’s description for it to work.
Instead of the name, correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t really been on Gimkit for a bit.

I’m sorry, but this belongs on the Nolt

i dont know what that is + its blocked

What is your map’s name and description, I will see if I can search it up.

thats what it used to be, yet it still didnt show up.

It’s Gimkit’s suggestion website.

the map name is “2 Ways Out (UgSo)”, i dont know the description off the top of my head but ill find it

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this isnt a suggestion. this is me pointing out a possible issue.

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Hmm, it didn’t show up, so you created the game right, did you delete it?

i published it and never deleted it

it wont let me send the description because of the word “k*lling” or “k`ller”

I did do it for the maps description and it showed mine

Go to your map settings
Go to publish
Copy the link
then open a new tab
paste the link

i know how to do that, but theres no way for me to get it to people (other than the discord)

searching the description also doesnt work

so can you find the game or not? because I’m a bit confused by that conversation.

its a game i made and you cant get to it via searching in the discovery, even when searching the exact name/description.

ok this it?

its two ways out the same name.

its the number 2, not the actual word