Creating my Lobby

So, I have my lobby right here:

I’m wondering if it’s too bland, and if I should add more. Any suggestions?
(I’m making another Bedwars game, yes)

Remember when you said different teams have different advantages or something?
(I think you said this on the wix)
Maybe you can try to describe them as props/emojis and try to add gims with swords?
(Plates and Empty Bookshelves)

I never said that…
Probably someone else…

oh okay
i swear i heard it
thats why some teams had different starting weapons or idk

You could try to make a crest for each team.

That’s a really good idea…

Or an emblem or badge!
Good Idea!
Maybe chests also?

Maybe you could give the teams cooler names than just colours, and sort of have a theme for them.

There are already names mentioned in-game, I was one of the playtesters.

I already Do:
Blue → Team Cobalt
Red → Team Vermillion
Green → Team Emerald
Purple → Team Amethyst

Like elements for example

This is a new Bedwars map, but I’m still doing the same names

Crafting table maybe?

I remember that lol….
Did you delete the map for a new one or did you just update the game?

I made a new account; the old one was very bad

oh that sucks, Did it get deleted by your school?

anyways back on-topic maybe emblems with the symbols their name is associated it?

I think this will do. Thanks!

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