Creating Different Themes and Regions for Game

I’m trying to make a manhunt game where you play on different themed islands, such as grasslands, arcades, and more. Any ideas for new biomes?

  • Space Biome

  • Snowy Tundra

  • Desert

  • Sci-Fi

  • City

  • Apocalyptic Theme

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Also, a theme I recommend is a tropical theme. I have a map called Sea Side Skirmish (Battle Royale) and I used beach themed objects and it worked out pretty well! You can have lumps of sand (on more sand lol), rocks, puddles and rivers, and a bridge!


Ooooh. Nice ideas! I tried to make a city but there aren’t many good props.

you can add biomes such as
abandoned town
medieval castle

You can make city skyscrapers using barriers and some props from tag domination .
Maybe some dirt and tint it blue-ish and a candle for a fountain?
Add some trees and keep the terrain asphalt road.
Maybe even light/dark marble.

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You can also do a biomes from games on gimkit such as snowy survival and one way out.

Yea, the skyscrapers were my problem, but everything else sound cool!

Please mark a solution if you found one!


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