Creating Detailed Scones!

this is the best guide that I have ever made. I think I will try to perfect my next guides as well as this one.


sorry that I duplicate yours guideline but I deleted it

Hmmmm what is a detailed way to say…𝔹𝕌𝕄ℙ


I changed the name guys

Yeah when I saw the name I thought it was the food scones

Why’d you change the name?

The sconing

@WhereIsMyHat I’m out of likes bc I spam liked WhoAmI :sob:


This reminds me of the sconing
(@Cellofive jinx!)

should be fine, but it might be considered clickbait because they came for scones, not text

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oh yeah if you guys didnt know i was the one who sconed the forum group chat multiple times on the wixsite :troll:

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Great Guide!!!

ok i will change the name and my original pfp back next month, also, thx @2256631761