Creating a custom gim

So my idea is to use props to create a gim silhouette. What I’m thinking is to use a ceramic plate and 2 barrels tinted black. Tell me if there are any better ideas. Also, I’m not going to use a sentry because:
a. it’s either 1000 memory or 500 memory
b. I cant disable it.

you can make the sentry on team 1 to not attack you

You can disable a sentry with wires and channels.

You can deactivate a sentry; It will hide it then.

He doesn’t want to use a sentry @Aubec7

If you want to disable a sentry, here is an example:
Grab a button, wire it to a sentry, and then configure the wire so that

Button Pressed, Deactivate Sentry

yeah or you can just make the sentry on the same team of the player

Yes true

Although there are some cool bosses that don’t require sentries.

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