Crafting Table?

I don’t know how crafting table works, can someone help me?

It’s basically the better vending machine. You can (Apparently) have up to 100 recipes on there and It doesn’t use that much memory.

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So how do I use it? What should I do?

Crafting Table
By CassiusDoomlorde

The operation of this device is the same as walking up to a Farmchain plot. You press enter or tap to enter a sidebar of all the recipes. Each recipe can be inspected. The recipes come from Crafting Recipe devices placed on the map. The item is shown slowly appearing on top of the table.

The first option is an aesthetic toggle between Crafting Table and Farming Plot.

The second setting is crafting scope (is the table crafting/finished).

The third setting is the table group. This controls what recipes can be crafted there. Only recipes with a matching group can be crafted.

The next tab is the channel tab. The channel outputs are ‘When Item Begins Crafting’, ‘When Item Finishes Crafting’, ‘When Item is Collected’, and ‘When Item Expires’.

Crafting Recipe
By CassiusDoomlorde

The first setting for this device is the item crafted. All items, consumables, and gadgets are craftable.

The next setting is the quantity of items crafted.

The third setting is the number of different item types required to craft. This can be from one to five.

The fourth setting is the required item.

The fifth is the quantity of that item.

Settings four and five are duplicated so you have as many of the fields as is required by setting three.

The other settings are in the ‘Details’ section.

The first of these is the time that the item takes to craft. Values are Instant, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes.

The second is a toggle for whether the item expires.

The third is the time after crafting that the item will expire. The values are the same as the crafting time, but Instant through 4 seconds are not there.

The final value is the group that the recipe belongs to, which determines which tables it can be crafted at.

Quoted from TUGTED3.


Yeah, you could use [:scroll:] The Ultimate Guide To Every Device Part 3!

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Oh no, I didn’t see your answers.

Its every single item in the game can be crafted with every other item in the game including itself.
At least I think so. I haven’t used the crafting much.

You could check out this guide I made here, @AhmetT. I hope this helps.

Please search before you ask - no offense but it gets really tiring.

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OK, thank you!!!

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