Crafting Table layering issue

I was messing around with the crafting table, mostly trying to make a functional crafting table that looks like the one from Minecraft, I came soon this issue.

As you can see, the crafting table is clearly below the barrier in the layering menu, but the crafting acts as if it is above it.


Actually, it seems as if you can fix this by putting the barrier in the above layer. But, still, it would help if this is patched.


I think it’s because you aren’t supposed to have anything above it.

Layering should always work, no matter what. It shouldn’t be a limit on what we can do.


I noticed this, actually

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This happens with tons of different things, not just the crafting table.
I make in-game art a lot for my maps and even thumbnails, and I’ve spent about a total of 5 hours ever just getting layering to work.

People actually making good art for their games!? :exploding_head:


theres no bug really just the below layer is a pretty strict layer

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It is a bug. The above layer refers to above the player.


Alright then Okay then

Well, do we have a way to make it below, but above the crafting table?

That’s why this topic exists. It’s a strange bug.

Maybe try moving it into the bottom corner, because I know sometimes layering doesn’t work unless the middle of the prop is below the middle of the other prop.

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That’s not it. When you normally do that, you could just use the layer menu to do the same thing. But that’s not it here.

That’s a strange issue, but I think it should be patched soon, hopefully Josh sees it, and now we have farm chain easily now too!

I messaged gimkit and got this, so I think I’ll mark a solution soon.

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I’m probably completely wrong here, but:
This isn’t just a bug for the crafting table. Whenever the center of certain hitboxes (or something like the center) is above the center of another one, even if visually it should be below, it ends up on the top. Super annoying.


You might be right. I’ve never encountered that bug in anything but the crafting table, and I’ve tried a lot of ways to fix it.

Day 20 of waiting for this to be patched,


Worst of all, it affects both the game and the creative menu.