Crafting Anywhere?

So, I am currently making (an amazingly awesome meta RPG that you should go play, because it is definitely an insanely good one) Oneshot in Gimkit.

Now, one of the main features of Oneshot, because it is a puzzle game, includes crafting. But in Oneshot, you can do this anywhere by pulling up the menu, which is an in-game function. In Gimkit, in order to craft, you have to be at a crafting table. Is there anyway I can mobilize a crafting table to use it anywhere, like Oneshot? (While, also… preferably hiding it?).

I don’t want to make players run back and forth to a crafting table somewhere random in the map in a game where there’s already lots of running back and forth…
Please also tell me as soon as possible if this is completely unattainable, so I can flag a solution faster.

Unlike questioners, sadly you can’t use an overlay to open a crafting menu yet. Sorry!

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Shucks buster…
Alright then.

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