Counter Target not working?

Ok, so i have game where if you go through a teleporter 10 times, then it teleports you to secret area.
Now, i have wires with the teleporter so : WHen teleported here —> increment counter
Then, (target value 10) When target value reached → teleport player here
But the problem is, the counter increments, but when it reaches target value, it does not teleport player

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try channels instead

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Ok. Ill tell you if it works

For some reason when I tested it out it didn’t work, I think it is because you can’t be teleported to 2 different places at the same time, but I did find a way around this, you will have to use 2 buttons , 2 teleporters, and a counter, wire your first button to the first teleporter, button pressed - teleport player here, wire the 1st teleporter to the counter, teleported here - increment counter, (It should already have a target value) Then wire the counter to the 1st button, target value reached - deactivate button, next get the second button and wire the counter to the 2nd button (The button shouldn’t be active on start) Target value reached - activate button. Wire the 2nd button to the 2nd teleporter, button pressed - teleport player here.

what about just use a wire repeater with a delay?

Uhh, foxy, this made it so that it doesn’t even increment…

So does anyone have a way of solving this?

I mean, if it is too much of a hassle, then i can just delete this function anyways…

I decided to give up so…

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