Countdown Timer (3/10)

Extended from Simple button-activated clock (1/10)


1x Button
1x Repeater
1x Counter
1x Checker
4x Wire


Section A

activates the repeater

  1. Place down your button and repeater
  2. Add a wire, set these settings:

  1. Set your repeater to these settings:
Task Interval: 1.0 # Counts once per second
Stop Strategy: Channel 
Stop Repeater On: [None] # To never stop the counter
  1. Make button not usable when x is sent:
Deactivate button when recieving on: x  # x can be any name

Section B

adds the output device

  1. Place down your counter.
  2. Wire with these settings:

  1. Set a the time you want to result from the countdown clock:
Starting Value: [The number you want]

Section C

Programming the clock to stop

  1. Create the time-stop target.
Use Target Value: Yes
Target Value: 0 # Value must be 0
Target reached when receiving on: X # Properties can be any name, but we will use X for now.
  1. Place down your checker.
  2. Wire your checker like this:
  3. Set these settings for the checker:
Check #1
Check Type: Value of Property # we want to check the value.
Property: X # must be same name as in target settings
Comparison: Less than # counting in integers
Value: 1 # Timer should not count < 1
  1. Wire your checker to your repeater like this:


This adds a clock that activates on button-press. The clock stops at 0.
Press the button to start the clock.

It should do this:
Screen recording 2023-10-09 12.13.23 PM (2)


I’m going to mark this as wip as an issue with the timer going into negative values needs to be debugged.

Nice guide!!

You might want to edit your name out of the pictures

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You can make the checker send out a signal like stop and the repeater stops when it recives it. You can also put a max time on the repeater equal to 10 seconds

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I have found the solution to the problem.
Make the button not pressable on x

U don’t need a checker just go to the repeater and stop at the intervals the counter was gonna stop at

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