Could you make a Security Breach map?

I am wondering if it’s even possible to make something close to security breach, but there are a lot of limitations to it. Some limitations consist of the floor and wall terrain limit, layers, and the working and moving parts. If it’s not possible to make the whole map, what parts/rooms can be done, and how would they be connected?

Yes! I have seen quite a few of them and even helped with one of them, it was a security breach one.

Did they do something like making rooms separate, then just using teleporters? And also, did they make EVERYTHING, or just a few rooms?

u talkin bout fnaf? there’s a slight possibility i could help u out with that, but i have other mounting vehicle project recommendations so idk.

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They made everything I helped with a the game start to finish, we did the animatronics the dialogue plus some

Yea we are talking about FNaF.

how do you make them?

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yea but how do you make them thats what im meaning by

hmmm… perhaps using wires and other devices? idk, tbh. not fully affiliated with wires and blox

yea i gusse im new to gimkit so i don’t really know how to make maps

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There are quite a few guides on FNaF or you could make it from scratch like I did.

im not new to gkc, just hate using wires and devices.

Oh, I see @ThatGim and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that version is better than the actual game in terms of bugs lol, but anyway, I plan on trying to separate rooms that have doors and stuff and use teleporters, but I could use layers I suppose. An example I’m thinking of is the animatronics’ rooms is separate from the rest of Rockstar Row, but connected by that one vent in the start of the game, things like that. Also, welcome @vox_is_my_fav1253 to the community!

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Rockstar row is usually one of the easiest parts in terms of difficulty not time tho.

Should I leave this open in case I have other questions, or should I just make new posts? I don’t want to make too many posts if I have a lot of questions, yk?

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You can leave this open as it doesn’t have to many replies but I suggest marking a solution as well!

i think yes. go ahead. i just dont recommend doing continuation topics, speaking from experience

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