Could you guys give me a name for my game

I have a game where you have to complete 4 levels SOLO, Easy, Mid, Hard & Gimpossible. I’ve been working on it but I still don’t have a good name for it. Could you guys help me come up with one? Thanks! (In the game, you fight sentries and lasers)

Can you tell me more about your game, @GimSolver? “In the game, you fight sentries and lasers” is a bit too vague.

There are four stages of fighting sentries, EZ, Mid, Hard and Gimposssible. Throughout those stages, you will earn better weapons to fight and you will play it solo. It gets harder because the sentries have more health, damage and accuracy, also the stage hazards get worse.

maybe you could call it, “one vesus many”

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So, is it just fighting sentries? Yeah, One Vs. Many is a good name.

Yes, pretty much. Just there are more and they are stronger as you progress, but so are you…

Sentry abyss: one way forward


Lost in Sentries
The quest of bots
The Battle Sentries
Another way out?
The Weapon: A Battle of Bots
Gim: The Final, Technical showdown
From Portal to Zap! Warrior Bots!
Random Chance and The RObots

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It helps people learn to use a variety of weapons better because in each stage, you are forced to use a new weapon (quantum portal, etc…)

I’m gonna leave it open until the end of the day to see what other people come up with.

Increasing Power?
One Vs. May: Increasing Power??? idk…

Well, the rarity gets higher but if you’re not experienced with the weapon given, it gets harder.

Yes it is… People are giving ideas.
I’m explaining my game so you guys can get a clear picture. Well, sorta.

I gave like 7

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@GimSolver are your sentries robots or plants?

Yes you did, they are good but I’m just waiting for more replies before I choose.

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My sentries are robots.


Oh… @Coral:thinking:

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@Coral thought the sentries were plants. Nice save tho…

fixed them